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The last couple of days, in between doing Actual Work here (yes, I really do some of that as well lol), I've been looking at art journals & blogs & photography websites and other creative-inspiring pages that make me ache to make things again. It's been too long, but now isn't such a great time; evenings are packing to move house next Thursday, and the weekends have been working & having Noel's kids over & food shopping & other house-type things. Maybe after we move. Noel told me I had to make time to do that sort of stuff again, but it's easier said than done.

He did, however, get my accoustic guitar, the one that's been in storage for the past 12 years, tuned. It's 12 years storage didn't do it any harm, surprisingly. He's going to teach me how to play (finally!) because it really is a nice guitar. Even if I did get it when I was 13.

I've been looking at lomo cameras and even though I definitely can't afford one (paying off $3500 credit card bill + saving to go back overseas + xmas = ouch!), it's nice to imagine anyway. Maybe it will go on my xmas list, even though I really need to - and want to - ask for house-type gifts instead. I need to stop being frivolous, and be more practical! It's a hard lifestyle to change. Anyway, I know that some of ou have lomo cameras, so I just wanted to ask which one/s you have, and what do you like/love/dislike about it? I'm leaning towards a ColourSplash or a LCA(although not the sterling silver one in this link, but I couldn't find a link to the regular one in the Lomo shop :P). Or maybe a Holga Colour Flash. All this has been prompted by the discovery of my polaroid camera last night when we went to my parent's place for dinner, along with 3 packs of long expired film, which I can't wait to experiment with. I've missed feeling creative.

oh! & speaking of photos, europe trip & uk pictures coming SOON. Promise.
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