scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

weekend +/-

+ seeing Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire on Friday night (loved it, soo much better than all the previous films)
+ playing Spiderman games in the playground at Ben's cricket with Millie & her 4-year old cousin Gracie
+ delicious vanilla, nut & honey black tea
+ having Millie follow me around everywhere (even when I went for a nap on Saturday afternoon, she came in and had a nap on the bed too)
+ falling in love with music by Azure Ray <3
+ cooking a yummy cheese & tomato pasta bake for dinner last night
+ receiving ontheseams's wonderful new zine, The Duchess of Cologne and devouring it and being inspired ♥
+ making a start on christmas cards
+ bringing over my crafts & some cds & favourite books and making the house feel like mine

- unsuccessful christmas shopping
- petty arguments and being irritated
- leaking taps that still leak after the washers have been replaced
- missing my friends

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