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The talented ontheseams sent me a copy of her new zine, The Du(t)chess of Cologne last week, and I sat in the sun on Saturday morning, devouring it with great enthusiasm. It had been so long since I'd received a new zine, and zines from friends are especially wonderful. It inspired me greatly, and my eagerness to write a new zine is especially high right now. Also to inspire me, I just ordered a whole lot of zines from Driving Blind Distro - she had so many wonderful zines that it was hard to decide. I spent a little bit more money than I should have, considering, but it will be worth it. I ordered:

27 Days
Artichoke #8
Broken Records
Cartography #5
Child That Mind #4
Enthralled #1
Four Star Daydream #6
Four Star Daydream #7
Glory of the Snow #8
Hello Trouble #1
Quantify #6
Uninterrupted #2
Sisu #3
Suburban Sanity #5

I also emailed wingedmuse about ordering Living Proof 3 & 4 and She's Not A Morning Person from Wrong Number Distro, and Erin of Wallflower Distro about ordering a few from her also (Emily's Heart #4, Muse 5/6 and The Pleiades #15). So lots of zine goodness to come, which makes me excited! I also really want to get a copy of juuudddyyy's zine Junk/Food #4, but it was sold out at Driving Blind and I couldn't find it elsewhere.

I have more ideas for a new one too. Unlike the last oh, 3 that I started, I will actually finish this one though ;)

Zines & creative things make me insanely happy.
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