scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


Noel just popped into work to visit me, he had to go to the dentist again and came in on his way back to his work. It made my day, rather :) While he was here, we went & ordered my Christmas present from him, which is Lush stuff! As I've been promising since I was in England to "lush up" our bathroom when I got back, but I hadn't had a chance to order anything yet, nor the money really since I brought so many zines last week. So I am a rather happy girl, with a box of lush goodies expected to arrive next week sometime. And because I am mean, I am getting it delivered to Noel's work, so he will have this box of sparkly, pretty smelling bath things land on his desk.

Between that & the laundry flooding incident last night, you KNOW you want me as your girlfriend too. Ha!

I ordered bubble bars (my favourite), some bath ballistics (including the baby one for Millie because I know she'll get a thrill out of seeing it fizzing away in her bath), pretty soaps and massage bars. Yum.

Tonight we have the kids, and are having nachos for dinner (one of my favourite things ever), and there is a storm on it's way. I am a happy girl indeed.
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