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Christmas weekend, part I

Christmas 2005; I feel like I have loads to say but not the patience to sit here and type. Being on the internet when I'm not at work feels strange these days. Christmas was wonderful, especially in the evening with Millie & Ben, and I have photos to share but I'll do them at work next week. I am currently a playstation widow as Noel has barely stopped playing the game I gave him (!) and today has been so wonderful because for once, we've done nothing. Sleeping in until 12pm, listening to mix cds and playing playstation (him) and writing letters (me) - I'm finally catching up, so if I owe you mail, be assured it's on it's way.

&I got some lovely presents but really, the best presents were seeing how well received my gifts to people were. Morning at my parent's house, snuggling and playing with the dogs, then lunch with Noel & my family where the best part of the hotel meal was the rocky road dessert, where I ate 5 pieces. Dinner with Milli & Ben at their mother's house, getting a tour of all Millie's presents (right down to the packet of chips in her stocking: "I got my own packet of chips!") The thrill on her face when she showed us the one present she wanted the most, a RoboRaptor. Ben's excitement over his new mobile phone and trying to order new ringtones for it. Millie begging to sit next to me at the dinner table and pulling crackers with her and reading out the jokes. Smiles, lots of smiling, being with children is really the best way to spend this time of year.

We baked cookies on Christmas eve, and Millie left them out for Santa that night; chocolate chip ones, and plain ones with blue icing and cake decorations. We made a mess with flour and eggs, but oh it was fun :)

And I got spoiled with presents I didn't expect, I feel very blessed and lucky.
x. big box of LUSH goodies (okay, that wasn't a surprise but it smells so delicious, I can't wait to have a bath :))
x. pretty butterfly earrings from Noel
x. lots of gift vouchers for the big shopping mall near us to buy housey-things in the sales
x. chocolates (too many!)
x. a cheese board & cheese knives
x. a silky pink nightie (I feel so pretty in it)
x. a Beanie Kids teddy bear from Millie (picked out by her "because it's the softest, just like Jade" *melts*)
x. Hello Kitty slippers from Ben (selected especially by him, I was impressed!)

And Noel's ex-wife's mother gave us a water filter jug, which is so perfect because I'm not a big fan of tap water.

This is all jumbled and over the place, I promise more next week.
For now, I'm going back to the lounge, to continue writing to the hum of the playstation game, sitting in the sunlight, and feeling ever so contented and lucky.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, whichever holiday you celebrate :)

PS: I am making mix cds this weekend, so if anyone would like to exchange them, let me know :)

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