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At lunchtime today, I went and brought the new journal I'd been craving, one I decided was perfect for the embodiment paper journal project. In case you haven't joined yet, it's a community dedicated to keeping a paper journal for a whole year, writing in it every day, even if it's just a line or two. I think it's a fabulous idea; I have so many half-finished journals that I always had the best intentions of maintaining, perhaps what I need is a project like this that I will want to keep up with in 2006. I'd been looking at this journal in the bookstore from before Christmas, but couldn't justify buying it, but it's ideal for this project.

the journal

inside the journal

The pages are light purple and say across the bottom, To have a good friend is one of the greatest delights in life. I'm very excited to start this project. Not to mention that after 20% discount for the bookstore sale plus other gift vouchers and credit notes, my journal cost me a whole $1.32. Now that's guilt-free spending ;)

And, on a completely different note, just one Christmas photo that I thought I would share, I think many of you will completely understand my joy at receiving this...

lush goodies!

One of my Christmas presents from Noel. Okay, so I chose everything out and then used his credit card to pay for it online, but I had it delivered to his work so I didn't see the box until Christmas morning. Everything was wrapped so beautifully, and it smells luscious ♥

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