scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
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gluesticks and friends list mixes


My gluestick ran out and I'm feeling rather lost; I've been pasting things into my inspiration notebook all morning and my fingers are tacky. My 2006 resolutions (if you could call them that) are rather vague, but I was afraid of being too specific, of locking myself into something that I could never achieve. I suppose all you can do is try.

Tonight is dinner with my 2 best girlfriends, Sarah & Kristy; I haven't caught up with the 2 of them together since before I left for England. I've seen Kristy almost every other week but Sarah not at all, and I'm rather looking forward to seeing her again. Last night I received a wonderful package from dear sea__secret, containing a mix tape which I immediately put on our loungeroom stereo, some zines, a letter, prettiful journal and notecards. I curled up on the lounge and read through everything, basking in the glow of friendship. Thankyou so much Jess ♥


the friends list soundtrack meme(!) {stolen from... somewhere. eep. and then modified anyway.}

the idea is to have a complete soundtrack with one song from each of my lj friends. i'll make a "friends list" mix cd (as I am addicted to mixes at the moment!) with a cover that includes all the details of which song belongs to who. If you would like to be immortalised forever in my friends list soundtrack/mix cd, here's what you do: pick out one-two songs you would like to represent you. Then comment & send it to me via yousendit or some such thing. You can send your all time favourite song, a new favourite, or just any song that you relate to & you feel describes you well.

Also along these same lines, I am going to make an "allegria" soundtrack/mix cd, but with songs that YOU think represent me (or just that I would plain like). So if you can, please upload or send a song or two that you think either represents me, that you think I would just like, or reminds you of me. Then I'll have 2 wonderful cds, handpicked by some of my favourite people ever :)

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