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SPEAKERS! = music & no more bad radio!


After 2 months of having no speakers on my computer at work and having to endure endless days of bad radio stations overplaying Kelly Clarkson, Simple Plan, James Blunt & Black Eyed Peas (I swear our mainstream radio stations have the same 20 songs on repeat all day long), and thinking that I should really buy some little speakers but never finding any that were really cheap, I went home last night and rifled through a drawer (looking for large envelopes, of all things), and found...


Which I have hooked up to my work computer first thing this morning and THEY ARE WORKING and I can LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC AT WORK at last!!!

I am seriously happy about this. Really. No more having to put everything I download onto a disc to take home to listen to, no more endless James Blunt wailing at the end other end of the store. I am listening to some songs I downloaded from thosegypsies and I am so very happy.

Now I'm off to learn about Podcasts :) Because, you know, now I can listen to them as I download them. No more taking home a million discs that I never have time to listen to anymore!


my work desk
my desk at work

Currently it is actually sort of neat, with my embodiment journal and Inspiration notebook, PC magazines that we subscribe to (yay, geekiness!), my new speakers (*squees*), water bottle, tea, handcream, our multi-card reader and some pens. The colour laser printer (my new best friend!) is to my right there (just next to the magazines but it's not in the photo). I love my little work station :)

PS: Please feel free to recommend bands/artists, podcasts, music communities & websites like for me to check out :)
Also, anyone on - I'm crushedstars on there :)
Oh yes, & which music player do people prefer - eg, Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes? I generally use a mix of iTunes & WMP, but I'm open to suggestions.

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