scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i kinda wish i wasn't doing multimedia concepts after all. I thought the subject would be interesting, and i guess, in some ways, it is... but it's really not my thing. i thought it would be more about webpage design and that sort of thing - something that i could actually utilise - but it's not. now i feel like i'm just doing the work simply to pass, not because i want to learn. and that's exactly what i'm doing.

i should have chosen to do another drama subject or something. something that i would have found...relevant to what i'm interested in.

i find myself practically tearing my hair out everytime i sit down at one of those computers to work on some activity. i really don't like that subject... but i have another 6 weeks or so to go. i'm so mad at myself for wasting an opportunity to really LEARN something.

but what can i say? i thought i WOULD learn something in this subject. i really should have given the choice a bit more thought.
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