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Noel: "the world is a special place when you are 6"
Jade: "yes it is. And we are lucky we have Millie who shares it with us"

Millie went to see this concert yesterday, this Fairy show that's on the TV, and last night she came over with sparkly shoes, silver & blue plastic tiara and a wand. "Lets play faeries!" she said to me. We went into the backyard (after she helped me cook omelets for tea) and played faerie chasey, faerie hide & seek, and then finally, just Faeries. I was Rhapsody, the black haired fairy in a pink tutu, and she was Harmony, blonde haired and in a purple dress. We rode on our unicorns (hers named Silver Belle, and mine, just Silver), and flew from Faeryland to Adelaide and met people called Noel and Ben and ate icecream, and wrote letters on leaves to our friends back in Faeryland, called Barnaby the Busy Buzzy Bee and Wizzy the Wizard and Elf the Faery Cake maker.

It was so real to her and because it was real to her, it was real to me too. We played for about 2 hours, I think, we had to practically drag her inside to go to bed (even when it got cold, she just went inside and got a jumper and said to me "do you have one too? Then we can keep playing!")

That girl is just amazing. I had a magical night, pretending to be a beautiful faery, exploring a new world through her 6-year old eyes.

Thankyou Millie
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