scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


I gave Millie this "how to draw" book for Christmas, we started working on some of the pictures last night. It's a pretty good book actually, it breaks all the pictures down into sections so you can do little bits at a time. Of course, if you're a hopeless drawer like me, even that doesn't help much. But it was still fun, I want to try some of the other drawings too. Even if my results look a little wonky ;)

I feel like a boomerang today, jumping up and down out of my seat when customers come in.

Miss Millie has been running around with my digital camera lately; she's very good at remembering the things I taught her on the weekend, like if she stands too close to something the flash will blur everything out - I can see her mind working when she says out loud, "oh, I'm standing too close, I need to move over here". She plays with the zoom, I even caught her sitting in front of the mirror taking photos of herself - like most of us here have done at one time or another ;) It was the cutest thing, really.

I am stocked up with packets of batteries, and a clear memory card for her this weekend.

She wanted to take a photo of Noel & I together, "be all [insert cute face here] together!" she said.

(the only thing I did to this picture was crop a little bit off the right side, but all of that was her work)

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