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Winterspark 4: Where We Belong

I was so excited at the thought of printing out my zine this morning that I rushed into work without doing my makeup or having my usual cup of tea at home, planning to do all that this morning while the first copy was printing. It feels like it's been so long since I last finished a zine, even if no-one buys a copy or reads it, I'm just really excited to have it done :)

Winterspark 4: Where We Belong is about finding new places, adjusting to new situations, figuring out new relationships. It’s about finding happiness wherever you are, whether it’s a gorgeous city you never thought you’d actually go to or simply at home surrounded by people who love you. It’s about traveling and travel memories and flashbacks to a life that feels like someone else’s already. It’s about struggling with new roles whilst trying to stay true to yourself, about compromising without selling out. It’s about all the things I’m trying to remember right now.

cover image

4 more images of inside pages of the zine hereCollapse )

This issue is half-size, 29 pages, full colour. Printed on a laser printer so the photos are actually clear.

Ordering info:

$ 3.00 AUD within Australia, postage paid - paypal, bank transfer or cash accepted
Paypal - click:

$ 3.80 AUD outside Australia, postage paid. Paypal preferred for overseas orders, or get in touch
(Paypal - click:

Please email me regarding trades.

I guess that's it? Email me if there are any questions - jade @
or paypal email is

eek, I forgot to say that distros who have stocked my work previously will receive a consideration copy from me, other distros who might be interested please get in touch for one :)

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