scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

you said he's got a healing machine

good things:

x. Finding a face moisteriser/SPF lotion that doesn't break out my skin... and is only $8.99 instead of the $110 that I paid for my Estee Lauder lotion last year, that I thought was the only one that worked on my skin! Soso happy about that (hurrah for Dove!) My skin is so sensitive and it started to seem like nothing would work except for really expensive products, but I have found one! :)

x. I got a $50 cheque from a bank I used to have an account with, years ago. They said they made an error with something to do with my account back in 2002 and sent me a $50 refund cheque. I have no idea what they did wrong, but this is so unusual for a bank! I'm so tempted to buy the new Sims EP with it (Open for Business)... but I won't. I made a promise to myself to be good with my money, better than I have been.

I'd forgotten how boring the Oscars can be.

I wish I could take away people's broken hearts and mend them.
Or wrap wings around you and heal your pain.


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