scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

It's miss Millie's 7th birthday on Monday, which coincidently is Adelaide Cup Day and hence, a day off :) She's so excited, she's been counting down the sleeps for over a week, and now we're approaching Birthday Weekend. She has a little party on Sunday morning, and then a birthday lunch on Monday.

Tomorrow we are planning to:
x. paint her nails blue & silver
x. bake cupcakes
x. draw some more

I get to distract her for the afternoon while Ben & Noel go off to pick up her present (she's getting an air hockey table! Fun for all, I say :)). Noel also got her some rollerblades with kneepads and a matching helmet, I got her some cute lipsmackers (she loves putting on her "lipgloss") and a hello kitty plush as she adores mine.

I'm just as excited, as if it was my birthday. Even moreso, really.
She's so precious ♥
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