scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


+ the sweetest email from miss winterswitchery that nearly made me cry
+ going to the scrapbooking store with a new determination to start (again)
+ Ben's beautiful smile
+ the 4 of us playing on skateboards last night (even though I'm a total klutz on it. I'm scared I'm going to break my neck!)
+ afternoon naps
+ customers who can look after themselves tonight at work
+ late night shopping in town on Friday night
+ Ben & Noel coming to meet me for dinner soon
+ talking to darlings with beautiful accents on the phone (1 in America, 1 in the UK. Love & strength to you both)

- silly fights with Noel this afternoon (but we worked it out. I think we were both tired and cranky from this morning + plus not enough sleep, so we were snapping at each other over dumb things. But, it's okay now :))
- feeling too tired to give Millie my full attention yesterday, I felt guilty for not being 110% like usual :\ (but she was so cute. Later that afternoon she said to me, do you have enough energy to play now? You've had a rest! how could I say no?)
- copious amounts of cleaning that await us tomorrow
- my friend Kristy not coming back from New Zealand until November now (at least), instead of July (oh, I miss her dearly)
- knowing that friends are hurting and wanting to take away their pain, but I can't, I can't. And I hate it.

Sending out more zine orders this week, I promise ♥ I love you all.

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