scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

My sort-of headache has turned into a rather real headache, and it's making me feel pitiful. Gah.

Working in a computer place with a headache is not a good place to be.

Time to read scrapbooking magazines & write letters & try to avoid looking at computer screens, for the rest of the day.

(on a nicer note, I finished downloading all the current episodes of Veronica Mars, season 2, which will probably never be shown over here considering they took it off halfway through season 1 {which means I don't feel guilty about downloading it AT ALL}, too bad my head aches too badly to try watching them this afternoon though. sigh)

edit: a good thing about having your dad as your boss is that when you aren't feeling well, he tells you to go and take a break out the back, and doesn't mind when you fall asleep for an hour ;) I feel a bit better now too. Meghan, I'm sorry I wasn't around to talk to you though, I miss you!

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