scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

currently in love with:
♥ Bounty chocolate bars
♥ K & Company's Neopolitan collection of scrapbooking albums & papers
Heidi Swapp rub on alphabet letters, American Crafts ribbons, Making Memories acrylic paints, Urban Lily 12 x 12 papers

...actually, just keep me away from the scrapbooking products, okay? At least until payday ;)

I am craving pasta for dinner tonight, and Millie decided on Saturday night she was a vegetarian and ate 2 burritos without mince in them (this is after eating the first one with mince in it, so we're not entirely sure she understands the concept of being vegetarian). Nonetheless, Noel & I agreed we would support her if she continued in this way, even if it means cooking separate meals for her & Ben. 7 years old, going on 17 I think sometimes. I want to wrap her up in my arms and keep her safe forever.

I've been writing in my embodiment journal every day this year, even when I was sick. It's like a habit now, Noel even reminds me sometimes, makes sure I have written for the day. Yesterday was just 2 sentences, but it's probably more than I would have written previously. I have ideas for a new zine too, that I started writing today, in another notebook. My mind was strangely awake this weekend, even when I felt so sick.

&to do:
x. letters {Meg. Meghan. Russ. Kristy. some of you that I promised ages ago I would write to}
x. mix cds
x. get a scrapbooking album
x. post distro consideration copies of my zine (eek, been meaning to do that for weeks now)
x. catch up on my visual journalling
x. finish story for writing assignment, also assignment 3 which is still not yet done

I keep thinking about that return ticket I have to England, to be used by November.

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