scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

birthday wishes

2 birthdays this weekend, for 2 wonderful people ♥ :

happy birthday for today to sparkleoflife !!
    ♥ my dear school friend whom I've known since we were 12 - that's 14 years now! May your birthday weekend be the sweetest (err, or at least you feel better ultra soon??), we will celebrate when you are well again :) I love you dearly and look forward to seeing you again soon :)


happy birthday for tomorrow to therapytragedy !!
    ♥ a dear friend I've known for less time but is still special nonetheless. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow (&I am still hoping your birthday package gets to you in time!), and remember that 27 isn't old at all :) Here's to an inspiring, creative, and maybe travel-bound year to you dear :)
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