scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

special mail

Last night after work, I came home to the most amazing mail day ever ♥

First, there was a big box on our porch, I knew straight away it was the highly anticipated package from aeval_arduina, and I couldn't wait to open it. The brown packaging was covered in her cute drawings, which I am sticking into my gluebook, and inside was 2 boxes, one for me, and one for Millie. Meghan sent me a beautiful card, crafty mulberry paper, flavoured herbal teas, and a million gorgeous stickers, all wrapped up in coloured tissue paper with butterflies on top. It almost made me cry, I sent her a ton of text messages to thank her (I hope they didn't wake you up hon...).

Inside Millie's box, which she opened when she came home from Ben's football training, was another beautiful card, which Millie insisted on reading about 4 or 5 times, some Hello Kitty things (bath products, lipbalms, bandaids!) and this adorable little pillow that said Girls Rule on one side, and No Boys Allowed on the other, which of course, Millie adores and has been carrying around with her ever since! She slept with it, cradled in her arms, and had fun teasing Ben with it. There were also adorable heart stickers in the wrapping paper, which she ran around sticking on everything. It was the most gorgeous thing, I wish I had been video recording the whole thing. Oh, it was like Christmas in our living room, we both felt so spoilt. Millie kept reapplying her Hello Kitty lipbalm all night, and this morning too, and she stuck one of the bandaids on her leg too. So precious ♥

Next, was an amazing letter & zine & cds & things from turnedoffneon, her letters always inspire me and oh. I loved it. Curled up on the lounge, reading it, amazed as always by her creativity. Last, but definitely NOT least, a wonderful letter from winterswitchery. By the end of opening all this mail, I was nearly in tears, completely touched by all the love and kindness sent, from different parts of the world.

{thankyou, starlings. I feel so spoilt! xxxx}

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