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24 May 2006 @ 07:21 pm
written during the day and uploaded now... sorry for the few posts in a row!

I've been having Livejournal withdrawal symptoms.

My temp job is going pretty well. I can't complain; it's a small office, just 4 people, 1 of whom I'm filling in for this week. I spent the day in the office by myself yesterday while the sales managers were interstate, answering calls and doing the tiny bit of paperwork that had been left for me to do. I don't have a lot of work, and it's almost sort of boring. The administrator, who I'm filling in for, told me that I might get bored but there wasn't any point in showing me how the stock control system worked, or anything like that, seeing as I'm only here until Friday; they really just wanted someone here to answer the phones, and just be in the office. She said I could use the internet, or read a newspaper, whatever I wanted to get through the day. But Livejournal and most other sites are blocked, it's sort of a potluck as to what slips through the filter.

But, 3 days down (well 4 if you count Friday's training day), 2 to go. Then after this, 2 more working weeks (probably at Dad's shop; I did get offered another full-time temp position for next week, but it was located closer to 2 HOURS away from where I live - um, not really practical), and then it's the week I LEAVE.

These days are going by, so quickly.

I hope to catch up on LJ next week back at Dad's, so I'm sorry for no comments or anything like that, but it's just too hard at home at the moment. Feel free to email me anything that's going on lately (email me at jade.court AT gmail - I can't access my other email from work), or just anything in general (anyone want to email me their LJ posts? haha)... I've been writing letters like a mad thing, and just feeling generally a bit bored though really, it's the perfect temp job for a week, so I'm not complaining.

Still, I miss you guys. LJ is totally addictive.
Tags: work
◕ ◡ ◕chasethestars on May 24th, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
haha. imagine how full your inbox would be if you got emailed everyone's lj posts! i think there's a setting to do so (or maybe it's a paid feature), and you can also get emails sent to your phone (though i'm not sure if it's comments or actual posts). or maybe i'm just making this up and wish there was such a feature. sorry if it doesn't exist and i'm just getting your hopes up/confusing you :(

i need to catch up on my lj too, and i've also been writing stuff and typing it up when i can ;) sorry i haven't been commenting on your entries lately either, but i have been reading them.

congrats on finding work and all of that, even if it is temp-work. when they were testing my typing speed/skills at a temp placement agency, they were surprised that i did 95wpm when most people get around 40. i imagine that's how you get your work done so quickly when they expect it to take a lot longer. you're used to typing and it's just natural to you while it's work to others hehe.

4 is a small office! wow.
you could ask them to unblock livejournal, or find out what service they are using to filter sites out. i know there was one where lj was mistakenly listed under adult/dating sites and that's why it was blocked by one place (i forget the name though).

anyway, hi, *hugs*, love, faeries, and rainbows <33
r a c h e l ♥__rubyslippers on May 25th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
You're certainly not missing anything with my posts -- I have been so busy lately my posts have been nothing but random babbling!
Hope you're doing well, I know I haven't commented much but you're in my thoughts ♥