scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

leaving tomorrow

Finally all packed, I think.
It's hard to know what to take with you, when you plan on going somewhere for a year, but unlike last time, I'm actually within the weight restrictions of the airline. This is a big achievement (last time I came in at 13kg overweight, and had a rush to unpack my suitcase in the middle of the airport before I could check in. Um, not doing that again).

I am nervous and sad about goodbyes. I hugged Ben and Millie over & over this afternoon, and cried when saying goodbye to my Dad. Things just feel a bit scarier at the moment, and I think I will be glad to just finally be on that plane tomorrow, and be on my way.

But yes. In a little over 12 hours I'll be on the plane, altogether my flight is close to 24 hours. I arrive in the UK on Friday morning (Friday night by Australian time). I am excited & nervous & scared & eager to begin this adventure.

So, I guess I'll see you in the other hemisphere.

Love to you all.
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