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Russ & I just watched MirrorMask, gosh I love that film.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the darling drawalittlestar made a syndicated feed of my travel blog for livejournal, so if you would like to read, you can just add THIS to your friends list, and all my blogspot entries will show up on your friends page. It will probably be similar to what I write here though, since it's my blog for friends & family back home, but you are more than welcome to add it anyway. Thankyou so much Kirstie! ♥

Still quite jetlagged. I have been sleeping a lot, I don't think I've been much fun to have around so far (sorry hon). But I think I'm towards the end of it now, I hope so anyway. But drinking tea helps (it always helps), and good company, and trying to remember that I'm living out my dream. Even if sometimes it feels a bit scary to be over here, so far from home.

But I think I can do this.

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