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Does anyone know a quicker way of downloading all your LJ posts rather than using the export tool (which only lets you do it month by month)? It's a bit silly, but when I started kisstheviolets, in 2002, I saved all my past online journal archives onto here, in the history, so I have my entire online journal on here from when I first started (february 1998!). I keep meaning to save all my entries because as silly as it sounds, I would really hate to lose all this history, especially as it's my only record of a lot of things that have happened (my paper journalling routines have always been up and down).

But the thought of going through and exporting the whole lot, month by month is a bit daunting, surely there must be an easier way? The FAQ says some LJ clients will let you do it, but I don't think mine (Semagic) does...

(it's really a bit scary rereading entries you wrote when you were 17, and realising what a horribly uneducated, uneloquent teenager you were...)

edit: oh, I'm so dumb sometimes. I had this bookmarked all along: LJ Archive. um... yeah. So, sharing! :D

edit 2: this LJ Archive tool is fabulous! It downloaded all 2400 of my entries in less than 10 minutes! And it downloads comments, icons, and all the html formatting (unlike the livejournal export tool). Highly recommend this one for backing up all your entries :)

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