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26th birthday

Poor Russ has been listening to me bang my head against the wall (not literally, though close enough) as I type out cover letters for job applications for the past hour or so; I'd forgotten how tedious it was to tailor every letter individually to suit the advertisement and to express enthusiasm in a dignified manner when what I really want to say to these publishing houses is "HIRE ME NOW!!!"

Oh well. I think I'm on a roll now anyway.


Thankyou to those who wished me a happy birthday on Friday; 26 now, and not really feeling any older (or wiser). Despite keeping it lowkey (only a handful of people out here in the UK even knew it was my birthday, I didn't even mention it to my work colleagues), my birthday turned out lovely :) Phone calls from home, cards, and the best thing of all, birthday cuddles & a homecooked dinner by my sweetheart boyfriend. And he gave me the most thoughtful presents ever! I was so touched. A printer (I had been missing mine!), gorgeous necklace, delicious perfume, faery lights, cds by some of my favourite artists that I had secretly wanted for ages (including Emilie Autumn's Opheliac deluxe edition, that I didn't even know was out yet in the UK; I was so stunned!) It wasn't just what he gave me, it was the thought that had gone into every gift, how well he knew me already. Just so incredibly sweet and thoughtful ♥

We have had a weekend of cuddles, and yesterday afternoon, meeting his parents for the first time which was exciting (and nerveracking, but they were lovely). Eating birthday cake in bed this morning, and just being happy together. The perfect way to spend a birthday weekend.
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