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Thankyou all for your support, your kind comments and thoughts. I appreciate it so, so much.

I will be back in Adelaide from Wednesday. In transit from tomorrow afternoon.
My phone number back in Australia is 0408 807 362 (+61 408 807 362 from overseas),
I'm not sure how long I'm going to be back home for. Everything is up in the air at the moment. I will likely return to London in a couple of weeks to get my things and tie up loose ends, with my room and job and everything else, even if I decide to go back home permanently (which is looking like the most probable scenario right now).

My email is jade @, please email me, stay in touch, recommend books or music or people to talk to, just say hi.
Remind me that life still goes on, because it feels impossible right now.
Or anything that you think will help.
I'm going to suggest grief counselling for my mother.
I don't know what else to do :(

If anyone else has been through this, please talk to me, if you can... it's like it somehow helps a little bit, to know that other people have been through losses like this, and can still somehow go on. I need to know this right now, I need to know how, how to make it stop hurting so much, how to stop from biting on my clenched fists to dull the screaming inside. I know it must be possible, somehow, someday, but it really feels so impossible.

How does life go on again?
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