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Despite having some bad/angry nights this last week, missing Dad horribly, fights with people (and subsequently made up/apologised), and tonight, arguments with people at Telstra in regards to setting up my new mobile phone, I am actually doing okay right now, I think. My moods change so quickly, so little effort. But I am trying.

Good things:

x. I started my new job yesterday, and I really like it there. I'm working for an engineering company, of about 90 employees, as a receptionist, 5 afternoons a week. My job is pretty usual for a receptionist position, and the girls I work with (1 other receptionist and some other admin girls) are really nice. I've had some good chats with them already, and feel pretty comfortable there. It's strange to be back working again in Adelaide, but I am doing okay, and grateful for a good company.

x. I have been working on my Nanowrimo story (I actually started at midnight on November 1, because I am a dork...and couldn't sleep), and it's going better than I thought it would. 2,600 words so far; if I don't write any more this month, it's still 2,600 more words than I had 2 days ago, and that makes me happy. For me, that's the point of Nano. And it's a distraction from life, and I don't think it's a bad one at that either.

x. marije sent me a huge package absolutely filled with stationery that she was getting rid of, that I received today; it was about the biggest package I had ever received, and filled with my favourite things. Thankyou so much honey ♥ I promise it will be put to good use!

x. Talking to Russ right now ♥ ♥ ♥

breathing in... breathing out...
trying to stay alive

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