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intro for the Roguettes!

I have added a number of girls from the fabulous Rogue forums to my friends list in the last few days, so I thought I'd take thebluebells idea, and write a brief introductory post, for those of you who don't really know me :)

I am 26, and live in Adelaide, South Australia. I was living & working in London for 4 months last year until October, when my father died unexpectedly, which has been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. We were quite close, and I worked with him in his computer shop during the first half of last year before going overseas, and his death has hit me quite hard; I'm trying to heal, but I ache terribly. I flew straight home from London, and I've been living with my Mum and sister since getting back.

I work full time as an administration assistant for an engineering company; I started working here 3 weeks after I got back from London, and it's been a good distraction, although sometimes it gets really busy; people here are nice, but a lot of them are Type-A personalities and the stress is contagious. Still, my job has helped me to feel more grounded admist everything going on at home, and for that I am extremely grateful. I have a Bachelor of Arts/Psychology (graduated 2002), and am considering doing a Masters in Accounting either from July or next year. I am also doing some freelance webdesign for my Aunt's new business, and she has asked me to design a range of stationery for her too, which I am really excited about doing. I've spent the last few years feeling a bit directionless in my career (life?), but now I have a few things to plan for which is definitely a nice feeling.

My boyfriend is Noel, we've had a rocky history but I know he is worth everything we've been through. He has 2 kids (Millie & Ben), who are adorable, and whom I'll probably talk a lot about on here. We used to live together, before I went overseas, but living with someone who has commitments to 2 kids (aged 7 & 12 at the time) is tough, and something I wasn't quite ready for - so we're taking things a bit slower now that I'm back home again. Noel has been an amazing support since my father died (we weren't together at the time it happened, but he was there for me anyway), I don’t quite know if I would still be standing here if it wasn't for him. Having gone through the same thing when he was my age (losing his father), he understood incredibly what I was going through, and that has helped so much.

I love being creative and making things; I keep about 3 handwritten journals, write endless letters (I've been penpalling since I was 14), scrapbook, and make jewellery. I love webdesign, taking photographs, mix cds, writing stories, making cards & other paper creations, reading, and magazines. I also write a perzine called Winterspark. I am hoping this year to learn how to use Photoshop properly and to cook, and I wish I could live in a bookstore. My favourite music includes Tori Amos, Azure Ray, Emilie Autumn, Hannah Fury and Evanescence, and my favourite books are anything by Francesca Lia Block, White Oleander, Mists of Avalon and The Virgin Suicides. I shop too much, love anything pink or glittery, believe in faeries, download movies & music, and drink too much tea; I adore pretty clothes, sushi, road trips, stationery, and Hello Kitty.

So… hi! :) Feel free to tell me a bit about yourself too, if you like, but otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading, and looking forward to getting to know everyone better - and not just the new people here either, but everyone on my friends list.

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