scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

half an hour of spare time before i have to leave for my rehearsal tonight. i guess it's better than nothing.

i had a really neat customer at work today. she's a regular, but only recently have i started talking to her. regular customers are lovely, and she just made my day. she was talking about how she loves buying clothes for us, and that she didn't understand how we could work in there every day, and not go home with new purchases every night. "i was telling trish [clothing manager] that if i won the lottery, i'd come in and buy out the whole store!" she laughed. "we'd love to have you!" i said sincerely, and not just because of the money.

people like that make me smile. maybe people aren't all bad after all. working in retail sure makes you forget that in a hurry though.
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