scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

you can turn dust into champagne

I woke up this morning with Tori's Bachelorette in my head.

I fell asleep last night at 8pm; not my ideal Friday night, but Ben was staying with us anyway, and it means that I'm up, and awake, at 7:30am on a Saturday. The house is quiet; Noel & Ben are at football, and I am longing to drink tea, and write & write. And this morning, I can.

I am in a happy mood today. I am starting to apply for Masters for next semester, and I'm so very excited. It still seems hard to believe that I have finally worked out what I want to do, that I'm enjoying my job so much and can't wait to keep learning more. I was beginning to think that would never happen. Noel & I are talking about maybe buying a house - just throwing options in the air, nothing is decided, but it's exciting to talk about, another thing that could happen.

Maybe growing up isn't so terrifying after all. Life feels very full of exciting possibilities at the moment.

This weekend: seeing my 2 best girlfriends tonight for dinner (♥), writing, uni applications, listening to lovely new Tori music, making mix cds -

you must remember
you're a car girl
you're a star girl
you are at the door
the tide will turn
there's a window

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