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theapplicant recommended this book site, LibraryThing, and of course I had to join it. It is wonderful for seeing what other people who share your literary tastes enjoy reading (&those who don't), for book recommendations & suggestions. I am slowly adding my favourite books to the catalogue (it is only free up to 200 books), add me if you are on there also?

Millie & Ben went home this morning, after staying with us since Thursday night; it is strange to have almost an entire weekend to ourselves now, a Saturday night with no kids! We have decided to have a lazy day today, reading & writing & music & maybe dvds. Tonight we are going to see Spiderman 3, and I am excited for a day to do the things I have been longing to, all week.

I am slightly tempted to buy a Nintendo DS. Someone remind me what a terrible waste of time this will be... ;)

I am rereading Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, and falling in love all over again.
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