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20 February 2001 @ 06:24 pm
for once, i had a working day that was pretty productive. normally when i start a shift at work at 1pm, and work through until 6pm, i feel like i'm wasting my whole day. normally i'll just sleep through the morning, go to work for 5 hours, and come home and do some other stuff for a couple of hours. it seems like such a waste of a good day.

so it was nice to have a change from that today. i set my alarm for early this morning, and went into the city before work. and success - picked up 2 copies of the script that Jeremy and i want to do for our production. by the time i got to work and had some lunch before beginning my shift, i felt like already i'd had a productive day - and it was only 12pm.

i like days like that. during my shift i even managed to write out a list of stuff i needed to do for the play, such as contacting cast and crew from last year, to confirming audition dates. i feel very organised.

maybe this year won't be so bad afterall.