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Project Runway

So, Project Runway. I realise I am quite behind in falling in love with this show, considering I have only just this weekend started watching season 1, but definitely better late than never. Thanks to this wonderful community, project_eps, I have been able to download the entire season 1 of Project Runway and started on seasons 1 & 2 of Project Catwalk (the UK equivalent), though I am going to have to wait until the middle of the month to begin on season 2 of Project Runway, due to being nearly up to my download limit. The most unexpected part was that Noel started watching it over my shoulder, and now he's addicted to it too; at his urging yesterday, we watched up to episode 7 (so no spoilers please, I am trying not to find out who won before we finish watching the rest of the season tonight!), cheering on our favourite designers.

It amazes me to see these fabulous outfits being created, from plain fabrics and other basic items. These designers are talented; I have been constantly impressed this weekend at how people could bring to life such amazing clothes, in just a few hours.

Austin's corn husk dress Kara Saun's envy/military dress

Robert's 'penis envy' outfit Austin's Banana Republic challenge dress

Nora's Banana Republic challenge dress the dress for Sarah Hudson, designed by Austin

Robert's Chrysler Building inspired outfit wedding dress, by Kara Saun (the only one I would have actually worn)

bathing suit/outfit by Wendy S & M bathing suit, by Jay

Also this weekend we saw Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End which I think is my favourite out of the three films, and I started reading Wintering, by Kate Moses, while curled up in bed until midday. I wish it was warmer in here, but I suppose it just gives me an excuse to drink more tea. Not that I needed one, really.

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