scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

another Tori show (!!!)


Just as I was leaving work yesterday afternoon, thebluebells rang to say that the Sydney Opera House had JUST announced that there was a second Sydney Tori show, on September 24, and there was limited availability for tickets, to call the box office to book. We didn't know what to do, whether we should go or not, so we decided in a split second that if we could get tickets within the first 5 rows, we would go.

She rang the box office and the upshot is we have 4th row seats at the Opera House for Tori's show on September 24.


OMG, okay, so this is the plan for September:

Thursday, September 20 - Adelaide (Thebarton Theatre - Row 4) with thebluebells and Noel
Saturday, September 22 - Brisbane (Convention Centre - Row 7) with thebluebells & her mum, and Noel
Monday, September 24 - Sydney (Opera House - Row 4) with thebluebells and Noel

I am so happy right now.

*EDIT: I don't think thebluebells & Noel & I are going to go to the Friday, September 14 show in Sydney now, seeing as we have much better seats for the September 24 show. But if a show on Saturday September 15 in Sydney - or anywhere, actually - gets announced, Noel & I are definitely going to try for tickets, as it's my birthday that day, and how could I NOT see Tori performing on my birthday?
- Also Noel wasn't even sure if he could make it to the Sept 14 show (due to Ben's football commitments & possible Finals match the next morning), so it probably works out better like this, no uncertainty or worries about being left in the lurch at the last minute :)

Am still so very happy with these 3 shows (so's my credit card....) ♥
(but riphertoshreds, I will miss you very much!!)
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