scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

back online!

We have internet at our new house now!

(aha! Take that, Telstra, for telling us we couldn't get broadband! What's the lesson here? Never listen to what the major telecommunications have to say: do your research, because there is always a way)

I am a very happy girl. Even if I do have to study tonight. But life is good: family health is improving, Noel is the most fabulous partner I could have ever asked for, work is fine, my studies excite me. I am turning very much into a bpal addict, and I have a stack of wonderful books to read, on my non-study nights. I am incredibly busy these days, especially now that I've started my Masters amongst full-time work and the kids, but I am happy, and right now, enjoying life.
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