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09 September 2007 @ 12:10 pm
psst: for those of you who have come from the bpal forums, I am stargirl over there :)

I am procrastinating studying right now. I have a whole week's worth of Accounting to get through today, but I just want to stay on the bpal forums and read the Switch Witch thread all afternoon ;)

Very good things: Twilight Alchemy Lab's Concentration and Determination utility oils - it's strange how the oils really do help my focus when I'm studying, and how there is a marked difference when I'm not using them and trying to work. I think I need a truckload of them to get me through this degree. Intravenously fed, for that matter.

I am also in love with the following bpal oils this week: Carnaval Diabolique, Bearded Lady and Titania. My favourites list just keeps growing and growing... as does my collection. I must stop bidding on ebay. And coveting Limited Edition scents. Hmm.

I'm 27 next Saturday, it seems a scary number. Grown up, somehow. And less than 2 weeks until Tori (& seeing thebluebells! The weather is getting warmer, it is really spring at last.
jessicasea__secret on September 9th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
:) always happy to see you doing well.

i love the names of the fragrances from bpal. i have other people on my flist who love their stuff & the names sound like poetry to me. i want to try them--but the last thing i need is another costly addiction!!

(Deleted comment)
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on September 9th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
what are some of your favourite scents honey? :)
Mauribrokensiren on September 9th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm reenie212 over on the forum. :)
AK47: Lizzy - smileboundandchained on September 9th, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
Hi! *is friending* I'm Mordia Pender!
Emilia Rothschild: Anna Maria - in whiteetherealshores on September 9th, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)
Oh Jade darling, I haven't commented in ages, but I'm always glad to see happy posts from you. :)

stellans on September 9th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC)
Hi stargirl, stellans from the BPAL forums here. I remember your LJ name from an icon you made (and now I can't remember which icon!), and it was lovely.
starmiranda on September 9th, 2007 06:19 am (UTC)
Happy almost-birthday, dearheart :) I'm glad things are good right now! xxoo
KNKkakiphony on September 9th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
Switch witch friending alert!
Sealgair, sometimes Celtic Maenad: Black Moonsealgair on September 10th, 2007 11:19 pm (UTC)
Fall SwitchWitch Friending Frenzy '07
Hooray for friending frenzies! Always fun to get to know new people!