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Tori in Adelaide : Photos

I am still working on my review of the show & meeting Tori yesterday, but here are some photos from the M&G, and from the concert. The security guards did NOT care we were taking photos last night, it was fabulous.

meeting Tori in Adelaide

thebluebells & Tori

Noel & Tori

I got to hold Tori's hand!

out the back, by the stage door, listening to the soundcheck

thebluebells & I bi-annual Tori poster photo, hehe

Pip was the opening act, and she was AMAZING

i can be cruel, i don't know why

we're a bliss of another kind

smokey joe is calling at the station

those devils of yours, they need love

Tori came out as herself after the Profesional Widow interlude, wearing a gold sparkly jumpsuit

turn that whiskey into rain {wash it away boy}

if i'm the seated woman with the parasol, i will be safe in my frame

every road leads back to my door

i'm trying not to move, it's just your ghost passing through

and you don't need a light to guide you through this

you know that i will follow you

say you don't want it, this circus we're in

code red staring at me

& one last one:

so. fucking. happy!!

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