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finally, a review!

Yesterday was seriously the best day of my life (or close to it). thebluebells, Noel and I decided to go to the theatre early, in hopes that there would be a Meet & Greet with Tori. We got there about 3:30pm, and not only was there a M&G, but it had already started; there were about 40 people standing outside, and just a few feet away was Tori herself, with her bodyguard Smitty. I think we were all in shock, we hadn't even been sure if she would come out at all, and there she was. Most people had already had their things signed, so we didn't even have to wait very long. I drew a total blank when I got to talk to her; I hadn't thought of anything to say ahead of time, so I think I just babbled on about how much we were enjoying her shows, how much her music meant to me, and thanking her loads of times for coming back to Australia. She was so sweet and attentive - I can't believe how patient she is with her fans, how she makes you feel as though she is really listening to you, no matter how busy she must be. I am just so amazed by her dedication.

After we all got things signed, about 10 of us decided to go and get a drink together to wile away the hours until the show (which didn't start until 8pm). We went to this little cafe by the theatre where the service was appalling, but we didn't really care because we were all just too excited from meeting Tori! There were people that I knew of by name from some of the Tori forums, and people I'd never talked to before, but it was awesome. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and slowly people started leaving. My friend from work met us and said she could hear the soundcheck from where she had parked her car, so of course, we all had to rush back to the theatre to listen :) Noel & I climbed up onto the scaffolding to listen at the door, it sounded amazing. We got some dinner after that, but we were all so excited for the show to begin.

The support act wasn't bad, but I probably won't see him at all 3 shows I'm going to. After an intermission that seemed to go on forever, the lights dimmed, and finally... Tori. Well actually:

Pip opened the show, looking fucking HOT in a blue floaty dress and black latex tights. She started with an AMAZING version of Cruel, it was SO electric and full of energy. In the middle and at the end she was singing over and over, you fucked her, you fucked her again and again, it was incredible. She followed with Bliss, which I love, and then she was on her knees singing Fat Slut, which sounded SO much better live than on the album. Next was Smokey Joe, which was so haunting and fabulous, then Body and Soul and Waitres {but I believe in PEACE BITCH}. OMFG, it was so incredible, Pip was just FANTASTIC, I nearly lost my voice already from screaming.

The Professional Widow interlude was next while she had her costume change, the lighting was fantastic. Then Tori came out (in her gold sparkly jumpsuit), and played Big Wheel, which was fantastic, and the audience really got into it. Parasol was next, which I was thrilled with because I was hoping there would be at least 1 Beekeeper song. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo was absolutely gorgeous, and Cornflake Girl was loads of fun. Putting the Damage On was also beautiful, and I was absolutely thrilled to death when she played Siren - it's one of my very favourite Tori songs ever.

For her solos, she started off with Leather which is always amazing live, but then she reached down and picked up her mike, and did Me and a Gun. Holy fucking shit -- you could hear a pin drop in that auditorium. thebluebells was next to me sobbing, and I had shivers up and down my spine. Then she turned back to the piano and played Cooling, which is my ABSOLUTE favourite Tori song, and then she followed it with 1000 Oceans - I absolutely lost it in those 2 songs, as those are the 2 songs that make me think the most of Dad, who died in October last year {and I would cry 1000 miles, if that's what it takes to sail you home}. I sat there sobbing my head off, but it was cathartic in some ways. Tori has this amazing way of reaching out and touching people, it's one of the things I love the most about her and her music.

Spark was next, one of the first songs got me into Tori music (way back in 1998), which was another incredible live song. Code Red sounded fantastic, and for the encores, she played Precious Things, Bouncing Off Clouds, God and Hey Jupiter (the last being THE first Tori song I ever fell in love with, listening to it over and over again on a mix tape). OMFG, what an amazing show. The lighting, the set, the BAND, the immense energy. I felt so fucking happy, it was incredible. I have listened to probably close to 200 bootlegs in my time of being a Tori fan, but nothing beats actually BEING there in the audience, and seeing her perform.

I am so lucky to be going to more shows, I feel so blessed and grateful. This experience has just been phenomenal.

{oh yes; and there is a bootleg of the show - not great quality, but a bootleg nonetheless (thankyouthankyouthankyou to the guy who taped it!), and on the forums he said he was sitting near me, and you can actually hear thebluebells & I screaming on it, haha}
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