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"woman you've got too many brambles hiding under these bushes"

I thought that this tour couldn't get any better already, but OMG, last night's show was fucking BRILLIANT. Noel & I flew into Brisbane after lunch, so we were too late to go to a Meet & Greet, but we arrived at the theatre with plenty of time, and had some dinner while watching all the fans arrive.

It was Santa who opened the show, and she looked amazing with her blonde wig. She started with Body and Soul, and the audience went crazy. There is just so much energy in all of Tori's shows, it is incredible. Next she played Sugar which was WONDERFUL, and then Dragon which sounded so beautiful. Next was Secret Spell, My Posse Can Do and You Can Bring Your Dog, which are all such fun songs from the album. There were people dancing in the aisle not too far from us, and everyone seemed so happy and full of energy. It was a louder crowd than at the Adelaide show, it suited Santa well.

After the interlude, Tori came back on as herself, first with Big Wheel as usual (which I can never get sick of), and then Crucify, another long-time favourite. Bliss was next, which is always fantastic with the band, then Cornflake Girl. Then she played Honey, which I absolutely ADORE. I was so thrilled, it is definitely one of my favourite b-sides. General Joy was next, which sounded excellent, and then she did this AMAZING solo improv, Homo-spirituality (which went something like: but if you listen to judgement / take it in...under your skin / remember they are not jesus / they just preaching / but not homospirituality / you must believe in homospiritualty"), followed by Silent All These Years.

THEN, she started playing this long piano intro, and I just had this feeling that it could have been Cooling, but then I thought, well, she only played that the other night, so surely not? But it WAS Cooling... and after the first verse, she started singing THE BRIDGE THAT MARISSA & I HAD REQUESTED, and OMFG, I nearly died, I was crying so much, in such disbelief:

but do i hate what she is
or do i want to be her
and don't we love something fresh
anything new, virgin

woman, you got too many brambles
hiding under these bushes
woman, you got too many brambles
but i always liked a good storm
i was always good for a storm

(there is a youtube video of her performance of this, also an mp3 version from last night lovelove)

I swear, it can't get any better than that. But then the band came back on and she played Digital Ghost omg, which sounded so fucking beautiful, and then Hotel which was incredible. Code Red was amazing as always, and then for her encores she played Precious Things, A Sorta Fairytale, Bouncing off Clouds and Hey Jupiter. SUCH an amazing show, omg.

But most of all, I am just blown away that she played the Cooling bridge, and OMFG: BEST MOMENT EVER. I don't think anything could ever top this. I think I can die happy now.
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