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scarlet's walk

Memory tattoo

It's coming up to 1 year since Dad died.

I've been wanting to get a memorial tattoo since it happened, but I could never decide on what to get. I think I'm going to get one next Monday though - the 1-year anniversary of his death. It just seems the right time to do it. But I'm still struggling to decide on what to get. I am thinking it's going to go either on my lower back (either left or right side, near my hip), or on one of my shoulder blades. I sort of had an idea of getting something to represent "the circle of life", like the way that we live & die & are reborn again (in whatever form) - something like the way the moon waxes & wanes, the sun rises & sets, it all comes around in circles. But I'm not sure.

I found a few designs I sort of liked, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear.
I just want a small, simple one. It will have "dad" written on it, no matter what it is, but I want an image too.
Something to do with memories, living/circle of life, love. I think maybe a sun/moon design would be lovely, but I can't find one I really adore.

Any ideas or websites are welcome.

These are some of the designs that I sort of liked so far:

sorry they're so small - tattoo sites won't let you download larger images without paying, so this will have to do, to preview.

I really miss Dad.

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