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Popstars audition

As promised - Jade's Popstars audition blog

I picked Stewart up at 8:15am on Saturday morning - the auditions started at 9am. He was having a clothing dilemma "should I wear the dark shirt or the white shirt?" *rolls eyes* Anyway, we finally resolved that issue (he wore the dark shirt), and we got to the place where they were having the auditions (Masonic Center on Nth Terrace) by 8:45am.

Already there was a huge lineup outside the doors. Most people were dressed normally, but there were a few determined to get some attention... but that includes me, I was wearing faerie wings! Well, you have to be different sometime, don't you?

At about 9am, some security guards came out, and asked us to get into a long line by the wall. It took some time to organise 300+ people into a line, but as they were doing this, Popstars camera crews were walking up and down, filming people, getting interviews, asking people to sing, that sort of thing. And some of the people singing were DAMN good! Stewart and I looked at each other: "should we make a run for it now?" But no - we'd come this far, gotten up this early, we were gonna stick around!

At one stage, Stewart nudged me, and said, "Jadey, your wings are on camera!" I turned around to see a huge camera on me, so I smiled and waved and said "hi" - that was actually on "Today Tonight" tonight [well, the turn and smile was!] Anyway, there were cameras everywhere. The atmosphere was somewhat amazing, actually. Lots of energy, and when you're standing in a line for over half an hour waiting to go inside, you start talking to some interesting people. I think when you go to an audition for a show like Popstars, you realise that no-one is exactly shy, so striking up conversation was easy.

We finally got to go inside, slowly, after about 30 minutes... when we got into the hall, we had to hand over our application forms, and then we were sorted into groups of 5. We went into another hall, and had to sit down, in our groups of 5, in lines across the floor. Stewart and I were relatively near the front - about 4 lines from the front.

To begin with, the judges were introduced (Jackie O, Chris Murphy, and some other guy whom I can't remember his name :\), and the process of the interviews was described. Basically, if you've ever watched the first episode of any of the Popstars series, you'll get the idea of what it was like, and what was expected of us. Then, we did some warm-up songs, as a group - just a few of the ones from the list, such as "Bob The Builder", "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", and "Uptown Girl", which was amusing, because everyone was singing all different lyrics. But it was a good way to start - there was so much energy in the room, and I think that was when it really started to get exciting for me.

Then the auditions started. Stewart and I had to wait over an hour before our turn, but it was fun. There were some really talented singers - on the other hand, there were also some kinda bad ones too. After all 5 people in the group had sung, they had to go and sit on chairs on the side of the room while the judges made their decision as to who they wanted to call back.

After an hour, we had a quick break. Everyone was so fascinated by my faerie wings! This one lady who was working with the Popstars crew asked me about them, and told me that they would have to get a shot of that for the cameras. Then, a bit later on, another guy came up to me, and asked me some questions about why I was wearing the wings, what song I was going to sing, and so on.

Then, it was time for [Stewart and I] to audition.

I was number 4, he was number 5. The three other girls in our line sung their bits, and then... my turn.

I think I was disappointed with how I sung... because I knew I could have done better, but I think I got nervous! However, once I'd sung, instead of moving on to Stewart, the cameras closed in on me, and the judges stopped to ask me about the faerie wings! Haha. Then they moved on to Stewart, who sung better than he had all morning - I was so proud of him :)

Anyway, Stewart got a callback!! I didn't, but I was so excited for Stewie - he looked like he was in shock. After he signed up for the callbacks the next day, we went out into the foyer, and there was a camera crew, getting interviews from people for the series - so we were both interviewed. Once again, my faerie wings were asked about, and they asked me to turn around to show the camera, haha. Then Stewart and I went outside, and a camera crew for "AM Adelaide" were out there, and we were interviewed for that! Some of it got shown this morning on the AM Adelaide show - Stewart singing "Angel", and you can see me there as well. So basically, that was it...

All in all, I had a lot of fun that day. It was a great experience, and I would definitely do it again (I said in one of my interviews that I'd come back and audition for Popstars 4 if they had it!). Everyone has so much energy, and I think it's definitely a positive thing to do. Not getting through to the next round is a little disappointing, but in saying that, when you're competing with 300+ just in your state, and only 50 or so will get through to the next round, you can't really expect any different. Besides, I got to be on TV!

So, for all the other people in Australia, I recommend - go along to your Popstars auditions in your state! It's good for a laugh, and it's definitely a fun story to tell afterwards :)

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