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"I have now an allergy to your policies it seems"

I was hoping to write a longer post about this (and more explanatory, for people overseas who probably have no idea about our political system/current political situation), but in brief: I am extremely excited about tomorrow's Federal Election. After 11 years of the Liberal party and John Howard as Prime Minister, it is time for a new leader.

I am desperately backing Kevin Rudd, leader of the Australian Labour Party, which is slightly more left wing than the Liberal party. Between John Howard's agreement to send Australian troops to Iraq as part of the Coalition, refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol (being the only other first-world country besides the USA to refuse to sign it), industrial reforms regarding Work Choices (meaning that employees rights were/will be decreased), refusal to apologise to the stolen generation of aboriginals, his appalling treatment of refugees and illegal immigrants... this country is ready for a change. Wait. This country needs a change.

Tomorrow is our country's Federal Election, and for the first time in 11 years, there is a serious possibility that there will be a change of government, one which I believe will be for the better. I have hoped for a change in previous elections, but this is the first time that there has been a really serious contendor for leadership. This is the closest an election race has been, and the opinion polls have been extremely tight. I honestly believe that Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister can only be a positive thing, and that another 3 years of Howard will drive down this country's morale. No, the Labour Party is not perfect, but what political party is? But it can't be worse than what has already been done.

If John Howard gets back in as Prime Minister tomorrow night, I will be incredibly disillusioned and heartbroken. I am going to be watching the election count on TV tomorrow night (as well as keeping up with online updates), and desperately hoping that Labour will get the seats they need to take over as government.

To quote Kerry O'Brien from this fantastic interview with John Howard on Tuesday night: One of the things you would judge a government by would ethics, I would have thought

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