scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

these crazy Christmas days at work

Despite Gayle's prediction early on this morning, my santa hat remained on my head for the entire day. Even during lunch. She predicted that at some point during the long day, I would get shitty with the santa hat, and throw it off - she guessed perhaps 32 minutes would be my breaking point. But surprisingly enough, that didn't happen. Actually, the hat was somewhat comfortable. I even wore it in the cashroom upstairs at the end of my shift.

It didn't entirely put me into a Christmasy mood - although that probably had nothing to do with the hat, but with the customers and constant service we were havng to provide all day. It's tiring standing on your feet at a register for 8 hours or so, and moreso, it's draining. Being perpetually perky has it's price to pay. I didn't go out tonight, simply because I can't deal with facing the public anymore. I really can't. At least for the moment. I need a place where I don't need to keep smiling, just for a time now.

And if I see one more credit card, or hear one more person beg for their 5% RAA discount even though they don't have their card with them, or have to explain one more time what our "dunking bins" are for, I'm going to scream. Add that to the constant meaningless chatter we seem to generate whilst talking to customers, and it all gets a little too repetitive. Unfortunately, I get to do this all over again tomorrow.
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