scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

shoes & fashion weeks

x. I forgot to post about the fabulous shoes I brought a few weeks ago ; buying shoes is usually an ordeal for me because I'm a child's size, and most pretty heels don't seem to come in my size or sell out very quickly. I actually saw these shoes back in November, but didn't buy them at the time, and regretted in ever since. Then a few weeks ago, we were in the city and I thought I'd take a quick look at the store, just in case, and not only did they still have them, there was actually a pair that fit me AND they were 60% off.

I don't normally get this excited about shoes, but I adore these:

they are 4" high, the highest I've ever worn :)

Squee :)

x. Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks have been my favourites of the last month's events, with Balmain and Blumarine as the unexpected favourite designers that I've seen so far. Especially the dresses. So, so gorgeous.

x. Jess, Rianna & I are off to Melbourne on Friday! I'm so excited, girl's weekend of shopping :)
(and yes, the new shoes are coming with me for sure!)


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