scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"I know it's your day in the sun"

x. It is the 14th day in a row where the temperature here has been over 35*C (95*F), and we are all very over it. The heat is oppressive, like a thick heavy blanket smothering us. A cool change should be on its way soon though, I hope. I miss autumn.

x. I have 2 weeks left at my current job, and then a week off before starting my new position as an assistant accountant for a government body. I'm so excited; I still can't believe I got this position. I feel like it puts me a whole year & a half ahead of where I expected to be in my career, and it is a wonderful feeling. I know it's going to be hard, hard work to keep up with it, but I'm ready for the challenge, and looking forward to it. Plus I am relieved to have a week off beforehand, to detox myself from my current job and prepare myself for what lies ahead.

x. It was Millie's 9th birthday last week, and she had her party yesterday. She had a haunted house theme, complete with cobwebs, scary face paint, fake spiders and lots of screaming. Noel and I decorated the entrance way of her mother's house, and kept quoting Project Runway lines to each other ("for this next challenge, you have lots of crepe paper and one hour..."). I think she had a wonderful time, and I can't believe she is 9 now.

x. Tonight = sushi and So You Think You Can Dance Australia, which I have become quite addicted to. And looking forward to the easter long weekend.
Tags: career girl, kids, millie

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