scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"I try to own my destiny"

I am loving my new job so far :)

Things I adore:

x. my supervisor (the guy who interviewed me for the position last month), who is awesome & encouraging & easy to get along with - so unlike what I was working with before.

x. the work: it is challenging and engaging, and a direct application of all the things I am studying in my masters; it is much more involved than what I was doing before, and I love that. On my second day there, I was doing a report that is getting sent off to the Treasury & Finance government department; today, working through the monthly Business Activity Statement which confused me terribly at my last job, but somehow, makes much more sense here. I love it. I'm overwhelmed by the things they want me to do, in time, but also excited, and eager to learn & learn & learn.

x. going into work by train; working right in the city (about 100metres from the train platform!) and living 2 streets away from the train station means I can ride into work, for the first time ever. It's quicker than it was to drive to my last job in peak hour traffic, and now I have a whole hour a day to read a book, and not have to worry about other cars. Not to mention I get to sleep in now, and don't have to leave for work now until after 8am - the time I was generally getting to my last job. I also get to leave at 5pm... and I am getting paid more too.

x. working in the city & catching the train in reminds me a tiny bit of working in London. I have been walking around in the sunshine in my lunch breaks, and discovering new places to get lunch, including an adorable sushi roll bar, just around the corner from work &heats;

x. my coworkers seem so nice & friendly & helpful, and it just feels like a much happier place to be than the last one.

I feel like I am finally on the right path :)
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