scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"these songs that we sing"

I am feeling happy & productive today; 2 hours of working on my management accounting assignment before breakfast :] Even though I have been tempted the whole time to catch up on watching episodes of Gossip Girl instead, haha.

April has been a fabulous month. Starting my new job and still loving it every day (though we have end-of-month reporting next week; I might be thinking differently after that, as it's always a stressful time for finance), feeling blessed by the warm sun that still graces our skies even though we're heading into winter. Noel & I have been spending some wonderful quality time together, and that's not always an easy thing to do when there are assignments to be done, kids to look after, jobs to focus on, but somehow this month, we've been managing. My friends were talking about their ideas of the perfect guy last night, and I felt very lucky to have Noel in my life. I hope he knows that.

Catching the train into work has given me plenty of time to lose myself in the pages of books; I've read so many this month, though mostly all rereads, and particularly of Francesca Lia Block books. I have received a few comments from Lori Precious, the director of the Weetzie Bat movie, in response to mine, and they always make me happy. I am definitely a fangirl when it comes to FLB and anything associated with her; comments from the director of her upcoming movie completely make my day. It's almost up there with meeting Tori Amos!

I am reading "The Hobbit" at the moment and adoring it; I finally caved in and ordered this 12 disc Extended trilogy boxed set of dvds from Amazon (after longing for it for months) last week. 6 discs are the extended versions of the movies, the other 6 discs are behind-the-scenes, making-of featurettes, etcetc, which I love as much as the films themselves. I don't even have time to watch them, at least not the movies at once, but maybe I can learn to study to it or something. The featurettes will be perfect for after work when Noel & I are scouring the tv book, looking for something decent to watch for an hour. I am excited; reading about the pre-production of The Hobbit movie has reignited my love for Middle Earth.

Dad would have loved this box set too. We saw all the movies together, he & I, every year after Christmas. Maybe he'll be watching these ones with us too.

Lovely things from April: seeing the Foo Fighters perform on Thursday night (amazing show! - photos soon, hopefully), actually being social and catching up with friends, becoming addicted to Gossip Girl, Ben getting into the football development squad he badly wanted to make, long drives with Noel and fish & chips by the beach, enjoying my job and my coworkers, discovering new music to love, Australian Rosemount Fashion Week starting on Monday, Mum & my sister going on holidays and actually being relaxed. I got 2 assignments back recently, both with High Distinctions, and right now, I am just really enjoying life, and feeling blessed with everything around me.
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