scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?"

I am finally catching up on watching the Presidential debate from this week, and just hoping so, so much that McCain doesn't get elected next month. What a terrifying possibility; what a terrifying setback for the Western world if that happens. I honestly believe that America needs an Obama victory, that allowing the politics of hatred, fear and negativity to win would be leading the country further down a path that the rest of the western world does not want to follow.

thebluebells is coming down to stay with us on November 4 for a couple of days so we can watch the election results together; with the time difference, it will be November 5 before the polls close and the ballots start being counted, and Noel has that day off work as well. I have an exam that morning (which feels incredibly untimely!), but it will only be 9pm in the Eastern states when I finish, so I shouldn't miss out on too much. We will all have our laptops so we can log into the forums & the news sites & the political blogs, and I am going to borrow another laptop so we can stream the news from CNN or wherever, as I don't know what the coverage will be like over here. I am going to turn our dining room into Election Central rofl. Plus we will have lots of political music & songs of hope to keep our spirits up :D

I ordered Senator Biden's autobiography from Amazon this week, and hope it arrives next week so I can finish it before the election. I am SO excited for this election and for what it means, not just to America, but the ripple effect across the world. I hope that this year, we will see history taking place; that we will see hope prevail.
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