scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

we could be infinite

This week's infinite moment came on Tuesday night, driving up to Loberthal with Kate and Anna to see the Christmas lights. With an hour's drive to get there, it's amazing the freedom one can feel whilst being in a car with friends that feel like family because you've known and grown with them for so long. We laughed as we drove past the distance signs, and dreamt about just driving on and on through the night until we got to Melbourne. Forget work, forget boys, forget any responsibility. Just be careless for once, and keep going until we reached a place that perhaps we'll only go to in our minds [what freedom exists?] Drive, along that long empty stretch of road, and live only for the moment. And if Kate and I weren't planning to move out early next year, just getting in the car and driving until we find our perfect destination wouldn't be such a far off dream after all. But hey, that's the sacrifices you make for the chance to be independent.

Tonight would have been the last night for the plays that Alex and Charlotte have been working on, "10 Minutes", and I've missed being involved. It was my own decision, and I don't entirely regret declining the offer to work on the production; but at the same time, I've felt a bit left out. I miss everyone too. This hasn't been the easiest of months, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you why.

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