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Our internet has been sporadic this week due to a problem with the phone line; luckily it has all been sorted out now, as the prospect of having no phone or internet over the christmas break was not very appealing at all. That's my excuse for not keeping up with the "8 days of happy things" posts :P

Christmas eve! I am at work right now, and feeling very unmotivated. I have actually been doing work, although minimal, and I am very much looking forward to the 4 day break. I thought I was all organised with presents & wrapping & things, but there are still a couple of last-minute things I need to get for tonight, so I am hoping to leave work extra early to get back into the city. No matter how hard I try to be organised, I'm still always rushing around on christmas eve. Never mind, I suppose that's part of the tradition & the craziness.

Our holiday plans this year:

Tonight; Millie & Ben staying with us, and going to see my Dad's side of the family for christmas drinks; staying up late until the kids go to sleep so we can pretend to be Santa!
Tomorrow morning; present opening with the kids & breakfast, then the kids go back to their mum's
Lunchtime; lunch out with Mum, Nan & my sister
Dinnertime; dinner at the kids mum's house

I am mostly looking forward to boxing day; I am going to spend most of the day in bed, doing nothing but reading books and relaxing.

&&thankyou so much for the christmas/holiday cards: winterswitchery, prophetess666, fabuleuxamelie, nightbird, weiwa & emma2403; and razorwireshrine for the gorgeous hello kitty package (!!) ♥ ♥ they have been so lovely to receive :]
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