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scarlet's walk

"but now that I am grown, it's the days that run away"

2009 has been wonderful so far; that is, apart from my reluctance to bury my head in textbooks instead of enjoying the sunshine. I have been surrounded by music, books, websites, recipes, magazines, blogs, & photos of things that inspire me, but I have been trying to be disciplined, and get some work done instead. It's only sort of working. I had a day at work on Friday, which was insanely quiet, and constant study (albeit half-hearted at times) this weekend. Tomorrow, things return to normal, which is a bit sad, really.

Still, it's summer, and the days have finally warmed up; there are many more weeks of this to enjoy. Long days & hazy heat & short skirts & summer fruits ♥

I started a new book list for 2009, and I think this year I need to focus on actually finishing books, instead of starting so many new ones all the time. My currently reading list is only showing those that I am actively reading at the moment; there are still at least a dozen more in my shelves with bookmarks inserted partway through, books that I vow one day to return to read.

I took Millie to see High School Musical 3 on New Years Day, and it was slightly cringe-worthy to sit though. But at least she enjoyed it; I prefered the vampire movie fest that Noel & I had the night before, though all the blood-sucking by the time we got to the third film started to make me feel a little squeamish!

Things that are inspiring right now:
Gala Darling's beautiful weblog, and Nubby Twiglet
photogirl's latest zine, Girl Photographer #3 (her photos are gorgeous!)
♥ new livejournal friends, lullabyexile & corposant who have wonderful writing styles that I could read for hours
this girl has the most amazing shoe collection...
♥ I've rediscovered a love for UK Elle magazine this month (just what I need, another magazine to buy monthly! :P)
weheartit, filled with pretty pictures and pieces of magic

Happy new year everyone ♥
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